Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Physical Education Class Station Activities Using Basic Skills

Station Activities in Physical Education class are a great way to get several students involved.  Whether there is a great deal of space available or just a little bit of space, these activities can be performed successfully.  Students will be developing cardiovascular fitness, endurance, coordination and flexibility when they participate in these types of activities.  The fundamental concepts of direction, pathways and right and left are sometimes hard concepts to grasp as a young student.  Some of these activities can help with those concepts.

Set up is required for station activities.  There can be any number of stations.  It often depends on the class size and how many students can participate successfully at each station.

These activites are deigned for young school aged children.

Here you will see a variety of station activities:

Zig Zag Pathways - use cones to make a zig zag track and have students use a scooter to move through the pathway.
Bean bag toss - each student get a bean bag of their own to do a variety of activities with.  Throw up and catch, toss to a target on the wall, toss into a bucket or a bowl.

Low Hurdles- Students jump or leap over or pretend they are a snake and crawl under the hurdles.

Hula hoops For Jumping - Make hula hoops int lily pads and have students jump from one to the other

Hopscotch --Make or place a hopscotch mat, have students play hopscotch in this area.

Long Jump - Place a yard stick on the floor and have student see how far of a distance they can jump using long jump technique

Long Rope - Practice turning the rope with another student so one student can jump.  Take turns switching spots.

Jump the River - Place two long pieces of tape on the floor which start close together and slowly get wider.  Have students jump or leap over the river seeing how wide of a river they can jump

Skip - Place cones about 3 or 4 feet apart.  Have students demonstrate the correct skipping movement between the two cones.

Gallop- Use old broomsticks and cowboy hats and have students demonstrate galloping between cones

Cross the River - place poly spots on the floor and have students step from spot to spot to get across an imaginary river.

These are just a few activities that can be used as station activities.  More activities using other equipment can be added depending on what is available.  For more complex or different stations such as ball handling, there are all new stations which can be seen in my next blog post.

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